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GWA – Google Web Accelerator is gone!

Old news: Once the bane of my work the GWA has been discovered dead.


At my last job, one of the things I did was analyze on-line advertizing web traffic and determine what traffic was non-human. Many years ago (2005) one of the first things I discovered was that we (the company I worked […]

How many ambulances does it take to respond to a crash?

A Minneapolis ambulance rushing to the scene of an ambulance crash, crashes. A third ambulance finally makes it through fortunately. This would be one of those days you wish you just stayed home.

Back in the saddle again?

OK I have been out of work for a little while and that means that I should have plenty of time to be updating my blog. Well… It did not work out that way. Lots of excuses, but that is just it. Excuses. Lets see if I can’t get the ball rolling again. I keep […]

Just what you need when out of work – a WoW Pod!

I came across this the other day, it seemed to be just what I need now that I recently re-activated my World of Warcraft account and now need to look for work. (not!) The WoW Pod has everything a serious gamer would need: fast computer with large monitor and surround sound, a verity of tasty […]

The financial Crisis… How de we get into this predicament?

I do not profess to be a financial guru. I have see where the economy has been going and have an idea of why, but this video really helped.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Thanks Jonathan! I found this entertaining and educational.


The Elements of Style

I am starting to read the book The Elements of Styleby William Strunk jr.and E.B. White. I hope it will help me in my posts and in my writing in general. I actually bought it for my wife, who has a blog and is a budding print author, but started reading it. When I presented […]