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The eyePad

You may remember my earlier post on one of Apple’s latest darlings the iPad (see: The New Apple iPad: Yea or Meh? ) My opinions have not changed much, but I kind of want one now… Still I can’t afford it so I made my own.

 Behold the eyePad!

It costs much less to […]

Bring out the Spork!

I am not sure what got this idea in my head, but I wanted to try out a spork. (or foon?) Not the cheap o’ plastic ones that you can get with some fast food lunches, but an actual serviceable one that you can really use. So I made my own.

AND I made […]

Interesting people

I have only been working at Amazon for a few months and the more I learn of the company the more I like it. Amazon has a great customer philosophy. Just about everything Amazon does is focused on the customer and making the customer experience better. I have read claims on the internet against Amazon […]

Blog going in a slightly new direction

Much have changed since I was last posting more regularly. Me being once again employed (!!!!!) is probably the biggest. I moved twice in less than a month. There have been other ups and downs. Some old dreams have needed to be put on hold, and new ones have been developing. I am still here […]