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Song Of The Day–Fuggi, Fuggi, Fuggi da Questo Cielo

For no other reason but it keeps going through my head this morning. I tried to find a free example to share, this is the best I found. It has the advantage of being by the same artist of the song that I have in my collection.

I am seeing if I can […]

Song of the day for 2/17/09

2NU Is certainly a favorite band of mine! Their songs are incitefull, thought provoking, and funny. Some can bring tears to your eyes.

I think that todays song will be “A Father’s Day“. I am sorry that I do not have a link to the full song. But this is enough to get a good […]

Song of the day 2/16/2009

I recently discovered the artist Rob Dougan and I am enjoying most of the music of his that I have heard. He has been around for a while. Has had one song that I heard many years ago that I REALLY liked. It was in the movie “Matrix”. Today’s song is not that one, but […]

Song of the day 2/15/2009

I felt that todays somg was appropriate, given the recent political events and that this is the first post in my new blog. […]