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Hello world! – Again

Welcome to the new Earththing blog. New Hosting provider/new look etc. This will still be changing as it all settles in.

Who knew that changing hosting providers would be so difficult? Well I had a pretty good idea actually but as it turns out that if you are not REALLY picky, it can actually be […]

Sitting is killing you!

I like having a standing desk at work. At my last few jobs I have gone out of my way to get one. Some places make it difficult but I think it is worth it.

Then I see this infographic. It speaks to me. Spread the word! Please companies of the world, don’t require your […]

Is the MAC really easier to use?

I have had a MAC for around year now and really like the thing. Is it better than a PC? Not really. Is the PC better then the MAC? Again, not really. It really depend on your criteria.

Is the MAC easier to use? Well let me point out a few things and you decide.


Prioritize effectively

As you may know I am currently looking for a job, one of the things I see on many job postings is that the various companies are looking for someone who prioritizes effectively. I have been thinking about how I prioritize things. Here is what I have come up with:

First I try and evaluate […]

Tip – Toilet Paper Protector

I have had toddlers in my house and have cats that have an inexplicable fascination for toilet paper. I may wake up and stumble into the bathroom to do my morning routine only to be faced by a floor full of shredded toilet paper and an now unusable roll on the dispenser. After this had […]

Tool to be come a better writer.

I have written before on becoming a better writer, and I have continued that quest. I have found a site that has some tools and advice that I have found useful. Edit Central has this to say about writing:

“If you want to become a better writer, you need to do the following, in order […]

On-line tips for you Library and books needs.

I found out about a service that will alert you when your library gets new books in stock. WOWbrary lets you enter in your ZIP code and then see what libraries are around you. From here you can select one and sign up to get an email, or subscribe to a news feed when your […]