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What type of crime gets reported in Seattle?

Have you wondered where the bad areas of town are? Do you think that the neighborhood that you live or work  in is safe? If you live in the Seattle area, now you can check and see. The data is interesting enough, but not easy to work with. I’ll tell you the story of how […]

Earththing’s Year in Review

Inspired by Nicholas Felton and his Felton Reports I decided last year to try to track some of my own statistics through out the year. I used many different methods of gathering data such as DAYTUM and took advantage of what information could be gleaned from other services like toutapp to provide some visualizations.



Creating a Date Table in SQL

How do you create a table in SQL in your database that contains the many details about a particular date? I have encountered tables like this at various places I have worked and found then to be convenient  ways to do many date operations that otherwise would require some intricate manipulation of SQL date functions. […]

Does data make you hungry?

Image by EpicGraphic

— Edward Tufte, August 19, 2009

I Love Charts

Here is one for the kids!

From Sid The Science Kid on PBS (PBS by the way has a great iOS app as well)

What are the Chances?

What are the odds of…

This is a nice info graphic that helps you to understand what the odds of certain events happening in your life and how they stack up with other events.

Click through for the full image.

via DataViz


The Joy of Stats

I have recently enjoyed a video on "The Joy of Stats" I thought I would share it with you.

It is about an hour long, but is entertaining as well as informative. Hans Rosling the narrator is king of a Statistical hero of mine.

It is also produced by BBC so it may be […]


Another pretty decent web-comic I follow: PhD also occasionally has graphs that I certainly appreciate. This one relates well one of my recent posts.

Click on picture to go to original blog post and full size picture. What another post vaguely related to productivity?!? Don’t worry I don’t think we have to worry […]

XKCD Graphs

In case you have not already noticed, I am a fan of XKCD. There are many reasons why, but one is the occasional graph. The one I am posting about today is a few days old, but I did not want you all to think I have forgotten about it. 🙂

This one is on […]

Diabetes, Obesity, Poverty, and Tornados

What is the healthiest state in the continental United States? Take a guess? Have something in mind? Great! What is it?

When looking at some data obtained from The ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Public Challenge website on “Activity Rates and Healthy Living” it had some eye openers. When taking account […]