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My virtual dogs.

Hi! I’m Little-Thing, Earththing’s son. I want a blog about gaming, but first dad wants me to do a few guest posts. I enjoy a game called Minecraft.

A few recent up-dates are the following: dogs, new lettering for “MINECRAFT” at the top of the opening menu, labeling of blocks, allowing the making of new […]

How are things going in Cataclysm?

You know, I have not played World of Warcraft much since the last expansion was released. Not long ago Blizzard gave me some free days to come back and see what has changed. I managed to pick the day that they preloaded some of the changes for the Cataclysm expansion that was released on Dec […]

Portal 2 coming! Steam and Valve games on a Mac!

2 Big announcements recently from Valve. Exciting news for pretty much any Valve fan or MAC enthusiast. I only heard of them yesterday from Valve. (What is up with all you other bloggers? O.K. I am a bit behind in my reading, perhaps you are all way ahead of me.)

On March 5th Portal 2 […]

Epic Pet Wars investments

Wow, one of my most popular posts was on the game Epic Pet Wars. I wrote that post several game updates ago and that post is now out of date and inaccurate. I think it is about time I updated the information.

Taztan – One of the critters available

As I continue to play […]

EVE Online – a Data Geek Friendly game.

I have just started playing an old online game called EVE Online. I was in the mood for a spaced based MMORPG and have really missed Earth & Beyond since EA pulled the plug many years ago.

EVE Online seemed more complicated and harder to get into. However the more I look into it […]

Epic Pet Wars Ecconomics – investments

* Update – There have been updates to the game since this was written. Keep an eye out for an new post on this topic later that will include some updates as well as fix some errors of my own.

I have been playing game called “Epic Pet Wars” on my iPhone, and I have […]