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Time for a good cry?

Listening to some music the other day I found my self getting a bit emotional. My response was to minimize the way the songs affected me and not let their effects to show. But not being a total hard case, started talking with the other guys in the office about it. Then I got curious, […]

2NU crossroads in a video

Remember my post on 2/17/09? I mentioned that a favorite band of mine got one of there songs licensed for use in a commercial! With out much further ado, here it is!

This is a great visualization for the song. I don’t know much about Johnnie Walker yet, I understand from a web search […]

Song Lyrics –

I found a great site today: I have searched for lyrics to songs many times and have found it a trying process; all the ads, all the pop-ups, wondering if the sites are trying to install malware. (I have nothing against ads, but I do have something against obtrusive ads like pop-ups and ones […]