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Earththing’s Year in Review

Inspired by Nicholas Felton and his Felton Reports I decided last year to try to track some of my own statistics through out the year. I used many different methods of gathering data such as DAYTUM and took advantage of what information could be gleaned from other services like toutapp to provide some visualizations.



Interesting people

I have only been working at Amazon for a few months and the more I learn of the company the more I like it. Amazon has a great customer philosophy. Just about everything Amazon does is focused on the customer and making the customer experience better. I have read claims on the internet against Amazon […]

Skagit River Brewery

I got a chance to do some exploring on 3/7/2010 and came upon the Skagit River Brewery ( It is located at 404 S. 3rd St Mount Vernon, WA 98273. We got there in the mid afternoon and the place was still busy, a good sign I think. The place had a nice feel to […]

House calls

Last week I stayed home from work. It started off the week before with feeling really tired Thursday night and then having a 102deg fever the next day. That day all I did was sit and lay around. That whole weekend and until Thursday the next week I continued to have a fever. Some days […]