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Data Geek websites

I cam across some websites that are good to be aware of if you consider your self to be a data geek or into visualizations. One that made me laugh was: Indexed

It is hard to believe that I have not heard of this site before. It appears to actually some what famous […]

Don’t get left out in the cold!

It was doughnut day at work today. In the email to announce the location of the doughnuts was this picture:

I just wanted to share. 🙂


Song Lyrics –

I found a great site today: I have searched for lyrics to songs many times and have found it a trying process; all the ads, all the pop-ups, wondering if the sites are trying to install malware. (I have nothing against ads, but I do have something against obtrusive ads like pop-ups and ones […]

Water Tower View

I took my son out to a few places in Seattle today to take pictures. One place we went to was Volunteer Park. Here we took in the conservatory, climbed the water tower and took some pictures of the view.

I am quite enjoying some of the things you can do with Microsoft […]

On-line tips for you Library and books needs.

I found out about a service that will alert you when your library gets new books in stock. WOWbrary lets you enter in your ZIP code and then see what libraries are around you. From here you can select one and sign up to get an email, or subscribe to a news feed when your […]

The financial Crisis… How de we get into this predicament?

I do not profess to be a financial guru. I have see where the economy has been going and have an idea of why, but this video really helped.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Thanks Jonathan! I found this entertaining and educational.


PhotoSynth of a church on Queen Anne

I am enjoying this PhotoSynth. Earlier I created a synth of a church building on Queen Anne in Seattle built in 1926. It was once a Church of Christ Scientist but recently bought by the Seattle Church of Christ on August 31st 2007



I am sorry, I know that PhotoSynth does […]

The Elements of Style

I am starting to read the book The Elements of Styleby William Strunk jr.and E.B. White. I hope it will help me in my posts and in my writing in general. I actually bought it for my wife, who has a blog and is a budding print author, but started reading it. When I presented […]

An old Pier

I came across an old pier as I was driving about looking for things to take pictures of. This caught my attention so I had to capture it.

I have it posted on the Photosynth site so it can be explored. I would love to know the story for this place. If you […]

Song of the day for 2/17/09

2NU Is certainly a favorite band of mine! Their songs are incitefull, thought provoking, and funny. Some can bring tears to your eyes.

I think that todays song will be “A Father’s Day“. I am sorry that I do not have a link to the full song. But this is enough to get a good […]