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New episode of Simon’s Cat

Simon Tofield once again captures cat antics in a new short animation: “Fly Guy”

I have been trying to keep my blog updates more focused on content that I generate myself and not so much on sharing work that others have created, but there are still a few things that catch my interest, like […]

Prioritize effectively

As you may know I am currently looking for a job, one of the things I see on many job postings is that the various companies are looking for someone who prioritizes effectively. I have been thinking about how I prioritize things. Here is what I have come up with:

First I try and evaluate […]

Tip – Toilet Paper Protector

I have had toddlers in my house and have cats that have an inexplicable fascination for toilet paper. I may wake up and stumble into the bathroom to do my morning routine only to be faced by a floor full of shredded toilet paper and an now unusable roll on the dispenser. After this had […]

Twitter Experiment

I recently conducted an experiment. I have noticed that after some tweets that I made I would get new followers that had something to do with the words I used in the tweet. So I opened a second account and made 3 posts with just some words that I thought would solicit a response. Sure […]

Library Statistics

I wanted to give you all a little heads up on a project I am working on. As you know I consider myself a data-geek. I love finding large or unique data sets and seeing what stories then tell. Not too long ago I was at the local library and realized that there must be some wonderful stories to tell in the data that the library collects. […]