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Epic Pet Wars investments

Wow, one of my most popular posts was on the game Epic Pet Wars. I wrote that post several game updates ago and that post is now out of date and inaccurate. I think it is about time I updated the information.

Taztan – One of the critters available

As I continue to play […]

How To Use An Apostrophe on

I want to be a better writer but there are some things I struggle with. Like where you place an apostrophe when you are indicating possessive of a name that ends in an “s”?

You too? Well this site not only has the answers but does so in an entertaining way.

[via lifehacker via […]

Is the MAC really easier to use?

I have had a MAC for around year now and really like the thing. Is it better than a PC? Not really. Is the PC better then the MAC? Again, not really. It really depend on your criteria.

Is the MAC easier to use? Well let me point out a few things and you decide.


Movie Narrative Charts from xkcd

I love the comic xkcd It is a great geeky comic already, but then Randall Munroe occasionally comes up with some wonderful ways of looking at things. This one shows the interaction of characters from various movies.


You can see the original post here.


Top 10 Scientific Music Videos

Aaron Rowe for WIRED came up with a list of the top ten scientific music videos. Perhaps this would be a good home schooling resource? Enjoy!…

Top 10 Scientific Music Videos via WIRED

An excellent collection of resources for Data Visualization

I came across this site a while ago and have been holding on to it, occasionally checking things out and thinking that I may write something up and pretend that it was all my idea. But something got the better of me and decided that I will just let you know about this excellent collection […]