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Another pretty decent web-comic I follow: PhD also occasionally has graphs that I certainly appreciate. This one relates well one of my recent posts.

Click on picture to go to original blog post and full size picture. What another post vaguely related to productivity?!? Don’t worry I don’t think we have to worry […]

Song Of The Day–Fuggi, Fuggi, Fuggi da Questo Cielo

For no other reason but it keeps going through my head this morning. I tried to find a free example to share, this is the best I found. It has the advantage of being by the same artist of the song that I have in my collection.

I am seeing if I can […]

The productivity adventure begins!

Emerging from the caverns, shading his eyes even though the day was overcast. “It takes some time for your eyes to adjust, after decades under ground.” they said. “Take it slow.” Steeling himself he set out down the mountain and onwards to adventure. As the cold mountain air whipped his beard across his body he […]

Blog going in a slightly new direction

Much have changed since I was last posting more regularly. Me being once again employed (!!!!!) is probably the biggest. I moved twice in less than a month. There have been other ups and downs. Some old dreams have needed to be put on hold, and new ones have been developing. I am still here […]