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Interesting people

I have only been working at Amazon for a few months and the more I learn of the company the more I like it. Amazon has a great customer philosophy. Just about everything Amazon does is focused on the customer and making the customer experience better. I have read claims on the internet against Amazon and it’s customer philosophy. But my experiences differ. Even before I started working here I have had great experiences with being a customer. Amazon may not be perfect, it is run by real people after all who have their ups and downs. But they are always looking for ways to improve.

Anyway on to the real reason for this post:

The people who work here are real people who are good at what they do and have a life outside of work. In my short time here I have discovered that it seems that everyone here has an interesting story and I find that amazing.

There are novelist that work here. One of which has actually published his book, and another whom I don’t yet know if she is published, but is actively writing one. Every time I see her when she has a spare moment she is pounding away at her keyboard working on her novel.

I work closely with an award winning marksman, we joke in the office that she is someone that we need to be nice to. But in truth she is one of the most patent and nicest people.

I meet someone here who loves to make his own lacer and uses it on some of his leatherworking projects.

There are people here from very diverse backgrounds, interest, experiences, and countries of origin. There are many stories! I like being around people who are creative and passionate and have a life outside of work. I have been in jobs before where my co-workers hardly seem to go home and do so only to eat and sleep before coming in to work again the next day. This is not to say Amazonian’s don’t work hard, there is someone on line and working at all hours. If something comes up you can email and get a response at just about any time day/night/weekend but they do have other interests and take the time to pursue them. There are great cooks, bicycle geeks , book geeks, musicians, people who make their own beer and mead, people who travel for pleasure, and some very talented programmers.

This is a great place and a great company. A motto here is “Work hard, have fun and make history!” and the people here do just that.

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  • Beth Barnes

    Geez. ALMOST makes me want to quit my current job to find one with a staff like yours Aaron. But you know, I already have one. I just have to remember to ask around all the chaos and the occasional slower than cold molasses days…

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