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Earththing’s Year in Review

Inspired by Nicholas Felton and his Felton Reports I decided last year to try to track some of my own statistics through out the year. I used many different methods of gathering data such as DAYTUM and took advantage of what information could be gleaned from other services like toutapp to provide some visualizations.


Let’s start with email:

I had to deal with over 4,509 personal emails in 2011. I tried to delete most of the junk mail I received before they were counted: deleting old and new ones I did not need and unsubscribing from various newsletters. What managed to make it past the purge was then counted with toutapp: (It looks much better on their site. Check it out for your self!)

Email Overview

I sent 83% less email than I received
  • I sent the most emails in December
  • Thursday is my busiest day of sending emails through the week
  • I sent the most emails between the hours of 11AM-12PM

I Responded to 8% of the emails received


27% Emails sent, received replies.

image Monthly Average:
54 Emails Sent
322 Emails Received

Weekly Average:

12 Emails Sent

74 Emails Received


Email by the day

Most Sent around 11AM

Most Received around 2PM

Now let’s move on to other stuff. I used DAYTUM to track.  

Miles Exercised:

  • Miles Walked: 178.8
  • Miles Ridden – Bicycle: 97.4
  • Miles Ran: 0.7

Floors climbed via Stairs:


Cups of Coffee:


Pager Pages:


(But only had pager for first 5 Months of the year)

I am working on getting information from other websites, but need to figure out how with their API. As I gather, I’ll update this post or make it into a “page” on my blog.

1 comment to Earththing’s Year in Review

  • HI Aaron,

    This is cool! I love data. I wonder what stories you could tell with this data. Like why do you usually send emails at lunch time? How could you capitalize on emails received around 2pm? What kind of email rules could you write based on this data to help you better manage email? Perhaps in another blog post…

    I may have to go and analyze my email now 🙂

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