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What type of crime gets reported in Seattle?

Have you wondered where the bad areas of town are? Do you think that the neighborhood that you live or work  in is safe? If you live in the Seattle area, now you can check and see. The data is interesting enough, but not easy to work with. I’ll tell you the story of how I did this after the graphics.


This dataset was a bit challenging to work with. The city of Seattle was kind enough to provide the data but the shape files showing the boundaries of the police beats came in 2 formats, neither of which Tableau can use. The shape file is reasonably easy to convert for use in Tableau. I found the instructions here and it seemed to work just fine, except when brought into Tableau the features did not line up. It was not using a latitude and longitude format I have seen before. Even after manipulating the numbers with math to get it close to line up I could see that it was distorted. So I had to start over with the KMZ file format. I looked and looked for a converter but could only find ones that converted a KML file.  But I also discovered a KMZ file is a ZIP compressed container containing a KML file. So I unzipped the KMZ to KML file and tried out a few KML to shape file converters. the one I ended up using was an on-line converter that apparently converts KMZ files as well *SIGH* still I went through all that effort, so I used the KML that I extracted. :)  Converting the resulting shape file I finally had something I could use in Tableau! I combined the shape data and the crime data in Tableau Public to create the viz that you can see above. I wanted to link the shapes and graphics so if you click on a detail you can see it filtered in each graph but to join my data in a way that would allow me to do that, creates more rows then Tableau Public will allow you. Let me know if you try this your self and get it to work either in Tableau Public of the full version of Tableau.

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