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Every day Sleep Deprivation

I have always been interested in sleep, more to the point, how I can sleep less and do more. I looked at research telling us how much sleep we need, the effects of caffeine to our bodies, alternate sleep schedules and patters. Suffice it to say, for me it is not really possible. Basically all the things I looked at and some I tried all pretty much tell me that I at least need my sleep.

Recently I heard about this infographic below and wanted to share it. It does a pretty good job of summarizing the effects of not getting enough sleep.
Lack of Sleep Infographic

So you lack sleep? What can you do about it? The infographic gives some pointers. additionally, I say a nap may be in order. I have avoided naps almost my whole life. When I took a nap I would wake up feeling worse than when I went to sleep. When I told him about this, my doctor recommended I take a 30min nap on the days where I start to loose energy in the afternoon instead of have more coffee. unfortunately for me I did not feel any different after the nap than before. I was not feeling worse, but not better either. Then I remembered something, I was not practicing one of the things that I had learned about. Like we have a 90 min sleep cycle. ( So I have started trying this. I have high hopes in this napping for 90min. But it is hard to find the time even on the days I work from home. 30min is easier to fit in the middle of the day which is why I think my Dr. recommended it.

Do you have pointers to getting a 90min nap? For me it seems that I just need to have an idea how may day will go. If I get up early I can start work early and then have the time I need  for a 90min nap. If I sleep to a more normal time, then I often do not need a nap. For me it seems that I need to know when the slow/quiet times in my schedule will be ahead of time and plan accordingly. If I go just by how tired I feel, If I go have a light to medium work out just before I really start to wear down, I will have more energy the rest of the day and the workout does not have to take 90min. So that is my solution on the tired days that I don’t have the time I need.

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