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“I can’t afford that!” or “That will not work with my comuter.”

I have recently come across a couple of websites that offer alternative programs for one that you enter. If your desired program only runs on Windows and you are using a Mac or Linux, you can check these websites for alternatives. This is also useful if there is a commercial program that costs $$$$ but you need a free or low cost alternative. These sites are certainly worth poking around:

Alternative To is a great site if you want to go cross platform. It may even help you if you have an under powered computer and need an n-line alternative. there is even a category for what I assume are horrible applications: OMG Fail. However I have a few of them and there are no alternatives offered for the ones I have. Perhaps it is only ones with no alternatives…

The other site points you to open-source (read free) alternatives for software that you may be looking for. It focus solely on the open source, so you may be missing some good alternatives, some of which may also be free, but it is a good place to start.

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