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The eyePad

You may remember my earlier post on one of Apple’s latest darlings the iPad (see: The New Apple iPad: Yea or Meh? ) My opinions have not changed much, but I kind of want one now… Still I can’t afford it so I made my own.

eyePad1eyePad2 Behold the eyePad!

It costs much less to manufacture then Apple’s version even more portable, no restrictions on the content placed in the eyePad, no approval needed for aps, etc. Granted it does not have all the glamor and styling of the iPad, but I made is and I like it.

You will have to admit there are few things that can’t be made better with the addition of googly eyes.

Bring out the Spork!

I am not sure what got this idea in my head, but I wanted to try out a spork. (or foon?) Not the cheap o’ plastic ones that you can get with some fast food lunches, but an actual serviceable one that you can really use. So I made my own.


AND I made enough for the whole family Smile (with an extra). My kids are delighted and my wife is tolerant of my project. so far I am the only one who has tried them out.

I went to Goodwill bought a few  spoons and cut away with my Dremel tool. The results, may not be the most attractive, but quite serviceable.

I have ideas for improvements and may be making a few more.

The most expensive Indian movie ever made.

I found this while reading some posts on Gizmodo.

To me it actually looks like something I want to see… once. It seems to be a bit over the top, but the effects are decent and are creative. I see similarities to Terminator, Matrix, Transformers, Frankenstein and more just in the trailer. This is good enough that I would like to see an English dubbed version of this at least once. I checked and you can actually get a copy of the movie on Amazon: Endhiran Tamil DVD with English Subtitlesalt

If anyone has a copy and willing to lend it to me, let me know Smile I wonder if I could get my wife to watch it with me, according to IMDb there is apparently some love story in there somewhere too.

I Love Charts

Here is one for the kids!

From Sid The Science Kid on PBS (PBS by the way has a great iOS app as well)

What are the Chances?

What are the odds of…

This is a nice info graphic that helps you to understand what the odds of certain events happening in your life and how they stack up with other events.


Click through for the full image.

via DataViz

The Joy of Stats

I have recently enjoyed a video on "The Joy of Stats" I thought I would share it with you.

It is about an hour long, but is entertaining as well as informative. Hans Rosling the narrator is king of a Statistical hero of mine.

It is also produced by BBC so it may be pulled from YouTube as many BBC productions are restricted from the US. So it you are going to watch it, watch it soon.

EDIT: As I predicted the original video was pulled, here I have a preview of the video that still seems to be available.

How are things going in Cataclysm?

You know, I have not played World of Warcraft much since the last expansion was released. Not long ago Blizzard gave me some free days to come back and see what has changed. I managed to pick the day that they preloaded some of the changes for the Cataclysm expansion that was released on Dec 7th. I do really enjoy the game, I just don’t fee like I want to afford the monthly fee. I was getting a little board with it when I last stopped playing mostly because of my style of play, I don’t have a consistent time that I can log-in and play, and often I can’t play for long.  So hooking up with others to go run an instance or something like that is not always practical and that is what would make the game more enjoyable for me.

Still I am looking forward to getting back in for a while. More things to explore. I expect that there are many people playing again, perhaps if I can block out some time I can get some dungeon clearing time in with a few other people. I got the expansion on the day it was released, but have yet to log in. I have been busy each night, and I am not sure when the next time I will be able to get in will be. *SIGH* I don’t want to start the month they usually give you when you purchase an expansion until I have a block of time to enjoy the game. (hmmm… I hope Blizzard is still doing that, I have not checked).

But you know, I am not really that disappointed that I have not yet had a chance to play. I have a job (Yeah!) I have a great, wonderful, loving family that I enjoy spending time with. I have a social life, friends, activities, etc. (you would not have thought that I would have one if you saw me growing up). I have things that I find more important to invest my time in. Obviously this is not to say I am going to forsake WoW completely, just that it may take me a while to get there. I like this attitude, I don’t feel obsessed, or compelled to log-in all the time. Once I start, I won’t want to waste the time I have in-game and as such take advantage of the times I may have to play, but I don’t think I will be letting my other responsibilities slide. Well that is the plan anyway. (Hey family: feel free to keep me on task if I need it.)

So for any of you playing, how are things going? What do you think of the changes? If you are on the “Gilneas” realm, give me a ping, and perhaps we can go questing together. I am a member of a great guild that fits my playing style “Lost Sleep” . They have not dropped me for lack of activity (yet). I don’t have plans of changing to another server, but if you play on another server, still let me know and perhaps I will visit.

Leave comments.

Interesting people

I have only been working at Amazon for a few months and the more I learn of the company the more I like it. Amazon has a great customer philosophy. Just about everything Amazon does is focused on the customer and making the customer experience better. I have read claims on the internet against Amazon and it’s customer philosophy. But my experiences differ. Even before I started working here I have had great experiences with being a customer. Amazon may not be perfect, it is run by real people after all who have their ups and downs. But they are always looking for ways to improve.

Anyway on to the real reason for this post:

The people who work here are real people who are good at what they do and have a life outside of work. In my short time here I have discovered that it seems that everyone here has an interesting story and I find that amazing.

There are novelist that work here. One of which has actually published his book, and another whom I don’t yet know if she is published, but is actively writing one. Every time I see her when she has a spare moment she is pounding away at her keyboard working on her novel.

I work closely with an award winning marksman, we joke in the office that she is someone that we need to be nice to. But in truth she is one of the most patent and nicest people.

I meet someone here who loves to make his own lacer and uses it on some of his leatherworking projects.

There are people here from very diverse backgrounds, interest, experiences, and countries of origin. There are many stories! I like being around people who are creative and passionate and have a life outside of work. I have been in jobs before where my co-workers hardly seem to go home and do so only to eat and sleep before coming in to work again the next day. This is not to say Amazonian’s don’t work hard, there is someone on line and working at all hours. If something comes up you can email and get a response at just about any time day/night/weekend but they do have other interests and take the time to pursue them. There are great cooks, bicycle geeks , book geeks, musicians, people who make their own beer and mead, people who travel for pleasure, and some very talented programmers.

This is a great place and a great company. A motto here is “Work hard, have fun and make history!” and the people here do just that.


Another pretty decent web-comic I follow: PhD also occasionally has graphs that I certainly appreciate. This one relates well one of my recent posts.


Click on picture to go to original blog post and full size picture. What another post vaguely related to productivity?!? Don’t worry I don’t think we have to worry about my blog becoming a productivity blog. But if that is your thing, let me know in the comments. I’ll keep an eye out.

Via PhD – Piled Higher & Deeper

Song Of The Day–Fuggi, Fuggi, Fuggi da Questo Cielo

For no other reason but it keeps going through my head this morning. I tried to find a free example to share, this is the best I found. It has the advantage of being by the same artist of the song that I have in my collection.

I am seeing if I can get music on my phone to wake me up rather than annoying sounds, and this is one song I am considering. What do you think? Perhaps with your suggestions we can come up with the perfect play list to wake up to.