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What type of crime gets reported in Seattle?

Have you wondered where the bad areas of town are? Do you think that the neighborhood that you live or work  in is safe? If you live in the Seattle area, now you can check and see. The data is interesting enough, but not easy to work with. I’ll tell you the story of how […]

Earththing’s Year in Review

Inspired by Nicholas Felton and his Felton Reports I decided last year to try to track some of my own statistics through out the year. I used many different methods of gathering data such as DAYTUM and took advantage of what information could be gleaned from other services like toutapp to provide some visualizations.



I Love Charts

Here is one for the kids!

From Sid The Science Kid on PBS (PBS by the way has a great iOS app as well)

Diabetes, Obesity, Poverty, and Tornados

What is the healthiest state in the continental United States? Take a guess? Have something in mind? Great! What is it?

When looking at some data obtained from The ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Public Challenge website on “Activity Rates and Healthy Living” it had some eye openers. When taking account […]

Venture Capital Transactions 2009

I have been playing with Tableau Public lately. Certainly a worthy addition to the Datageek arsenal. They were so kind as to supply some data to play with. This post concerns the Venture Capital Investments made in 2009.

There are many ways to look at this information. As I was looking for trends and patterns […]

Personal information tracking websites

Over the last couple of days I came across several websites that will track personal information and visualize it for you. I have not had the chance to check them all out for a proper review, but I wanted to get them out there if you have an interest. When I come up with a […]

Movie Narrative Charts from xkcd

I love the comic xkcd It is a great geeky comic already, but then Randall Munroe occasionally comes up with some wonderful ways of looking at things. This one shows the interaction of characters from various movies.


You can see the original post here.


An excellent collection of resources for Data Visualization

I came across this site a while ago and have been holding on to it, occasionally checking things out and thinking that I may write something up and pretend that it was all my idea. But something got the better of me and decided that I will just let you know about this excellent collection […]

State data visualized with DataMasher

What states have the best SAT scores? What state has the largest Medial Household Income? You can use DataMasher to find out. If you think that there may be a correlation, then you can see that too.

I played with this for a while, and it has promise, but for now it is more of […]

Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” evolves

Darwin was not a hypocrite in the authorship of his (‘in’?)famous book “The Origin of Species”.

I came across a visualization by Ben Fry that is fascinating and very well designed. It shows the changes to Darwin’s book with each edition of the tome and you can watch it evolve from the first to sixths […]