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Diabetes, Obesity, Poverty, and Tornados

What is the healthiest state in the continental United States? Take a guess? Have something in mind? Great! What is it?

When looking at some data obtained from The ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Public Challenge website on “Activity Rates and Healthy Living” it had some eye openers. When taking account […]

State data visualized with DataMasher

What states have the best SAT scores? What state has the largest Medial Household Income? You can use DataMasher to find out. If you think that there may be a correlation, then you can see that too.

I played with this for a while, and it has promise, but for now it is more of […]

Anyone for a Treasure hunt?

This post is dedicated to my in-laws. I found a useful site that has much promise especially a little later on in the season. Yard Sale Treasure Map is a web application that will look for yard sales in the area you specify from craigslist and then plot them out on a map with a […]

UUorld Data Geography based data Visualization

UUorld (pronounced World) is a Geography based data visualization program that allow you to select from a large list of statistics and plot them on a map. Both the maps and the statistics are accessed within by the program it’s self. I spent a little time with the free version. (there is a pro-version that you can pay for) and find it mildly interesting. […]