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What type of crime gets reported in Seattle?

Have you wondered where the bad areas of town are? Do you think that the neighborhood that you live or work  in is safe? If you live in the Seattle area, now you can check and see. The data is interesting enough, but not easy to work with. I’ll tell you the story of how […]

Diabetes, Obesity, Poverty, and Tornados

What is the healthiest state in the continental United States? Take a guess? Have something in mind? Great! What is it?

When looking at some data obtained from The ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Public Challenge website on “Activity Rates and Healthy Living” it had some eye openers. When taking account […]

Venture Capital Transactions 2009

I have been playing with Tableau Public lately. Certainly a worthy addition to the Datageek arsenal. They were so kind as to supply some data to play with. This post concerns the Venture Capital Investments made in 2009.

There are many ways to look at this information. As I was looking for trends and patterns […]

Visualizing Taxes

I really like the program Tableau. And the guys that make that program are some pretty sharp cookies. (wait, sharp cookies? Isn’t that a bad Halloween joke? Hmmm…) I have been following there blog and they recently had a post that coincides with my goal of understanding the economy better. They recently had a post […]